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DRILL "Fundamental Shooting Drill"
Title:Fundamental Shooting Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Shooting - Fundamental
The players are paired-up in this drill. Each player will shoot 7 sets of shots. Each set consists of a layup (Picture 1), a catch and shoot jump shot (Picture 2), a shot fake with one dribble and a jump shot (Picture 3) and a 3-point jump shot. The player starts in one corner and rotates around each of the 7 spots (see the rotation in the graphics). The partner (O2) rebounds and passes back to the shooter. The players rotate after each set of four, so the shooter becomes the rebounder and rebounder the shooter.
Goals / purpose / skills
To practice shooting from a variety of positions and angles on the court.
This drill could be run as a competitive drill. The two players compete against each other and keep track of their individual scores. Each made 3-pointer = 3 points, jump shots = 2 points, and a layup = 1 point. The loser has a penalty.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Correct shooting form and technique should be emphasised.
Players / Coaches
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