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DRILL "2-2 Defensive Recovery"
Title:2-2 Defensive Recovery
Author:FE Administrator
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Two lines of players are positioned on the baseline, at the bottom of the key. Two players are positioned at the sideline near the hash marks. On the signal by the first coach who has the ball in his possession, X1 & X2 sprint toward the defensive end of the court. The players turn and look to see where the ball is located and react to recover the ball when it is thrown in their direction. The player who recovers the ball passes quickly to the second coach, and both players sprint to the opposite key, ready to defend the basket and move out to defend against players O5 & O6. The second coach passes to either player O5 or O6, who will try to score against players X1 and X2. The players continue to play until a basket is made or until the defence recovers the ball.
Goals / purpose / skills
Stress quick recovery to defence.
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Emphasise that the defensive players must recover to the key, since the basket is their first responsibility. They must close out the player with the ball quickly and aggressively but also cautiously, so as not to allow penetration to the basket. The helpside definsive player must move to a help postion.
Players / Coaches
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