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DRILL "1v1 Messina defence drill"
Title:1v1 Messina defence drill
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- Drill set up; 2 players on the wing with 1 player being guarded, 2 players at the top of the 3 pt line with a ball each.
- The drill begins with the player being guarded trying to get open on the wing to play 1v1 against his defender. The person at the top will pass to the wing and become the next offensive player on that wing.
- When they have finished, when there is a score, defensive rebound or TO the offensive player becomes the next defensive player and will guard the offensive player on the opposite wing.
- The drill continues with this rotation
Goals / purpose / skills
- Improve closeout to a denial position and body position in the denial and force the back cut
- Cutting of 1v1 and denying the middle
- Offence getting open on the wing using different angles to create space and attacking on an advantage reading the back cut situation also

- closeout to a denial position attacking the outside shoulder of the player waiting to receive the ball.
- Getting quickly into a position where you can deny and is a step to the ball with outside hand in the passing lane in a closed thin stance making it difficult to cut towards the ball and the middle.
- Jumping off on the catch and forcing baseline with 1v1 rules identified in previous drills.
- Pass to the open player as soon as they finish making defence close-out and guard a player with offensive advantage on the dribble
- Offensive addition; add in 2v1 with penetrate and pass option with defender having to closeout to deny in a more dynamic situation. Passer becomes 2nd offensive player and reacts to the penetration of the opposite wing. Works on recovering to guy from penetration and having to find your man from help.
- On this addition defence must box out on the shot good to practice boxing out in a game real situation.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- Players must learn to closeout to a denial position quickly as the drill is intense and should be ran for a short time
- Force the player to catch the ball out of shooting range and make him work hard to catch the ball. Offensive player must catch the ball under pressure and we must be excellent at jumping off to our on ball defensive position the offensive player gets no advantage!
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