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DRILL "Post Attack"
Title:Post Attack
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O1 runs from low block to high post and recieves a pass from the coach. When O1 recieves a pass he snaps his head around to pick up X1. If X1 sags O1 shoots, if X1 overplays inside foot he attacks X1's outside foot, ifX1 plays outside he attacks the inside foot.
Goals / purpose / skills
To attack from the high post, learn to read the defender, become free from a player.
If X1 plays directly behind, O1 may face up, "sweep and go", "drop pound hop", perform a "step back" or "rocker step". Have the coach stand on the opposite side and the players start on the right low block instead.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Chin the ball and snap head around when catching.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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