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DRILL "2 v 2 Defense Helpside Read"
Title:2 v 2 Defense Helpside Read
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2 v 2 in half court

This is a drill to teach off-ball defense and when to help. The two defenders start at the block. The Two offensive players at the wing. When the coach says "go" the defense closes out. With the pass from the coach to one offensive player it is Live. The Offensive player without the ball has to stay outside the three point line until a shot goes up or he receives the ball.

Coach is a passer and drill is live after the pass
Goals / purpose / skills
- 2 v 2 defense
- Help side Defense
- Positioning
- Off-ball Denfense
- Defensive Make it take it. You can only score with a stop. After a stop new offense comes in.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- Focus on off-ball defense and when to help
- Help on drive..?
- Stunt & recover..?
- No help needed..?
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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