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DRILL "3-2 Half Court, 2-3 Attack the Press"
Title:3-2 Half Court, 2-3 Attack the Press
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Two teams of 5. Start with 3 offensive players from each team in each half, with the remaining 2 players on defence in the opposite half court. O1, O2 & O3 start with the ball, and play 3v2 against X4 and X5. On a score, turnover or defensive rebound X4 and X5 take the ball and start a press break. Their teammates at the other end (O6, O7 & O8), cannot cross into the back court to help break the press. Once the team has broken the press, the same goes on at the other end of the floor. Keep repeating this, swapping players around on dead balls so that everyone plays press offence and press defence.
Goals / purpose / skills
Pressure, breaking and applying.
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This is great to work on handling pressure and disadvantages. This drill is a great motivator and enthusiasm builder. Children love it.
Players / Coaches
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