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DRILL "Basic dribbling and passing drill"
Title:Basic dribbling and passing drill
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This is a drill for basics of dribbling and passing. The players work in pairs. On starts dribbling to the first cone and passes the ball to his partner. The partner starts dribbling to the next cone and passes the ball back and so on.
Goals / purpose / skills
- basic passing and dribbling skills
- Let the run zig zag between the cones (Graphic 2).
- different types of passes (one handed, overhead, only weak hand etc.)
- different types of dribbling (change hands before the pass, dribble through the legs with each step etc.)
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- do not look at the ball while dribbling
- correct passes
- when running zig zag they have to be careful to not run into each other.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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