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DRILL "1-1 game preparation drills"
Title:1-1 game preparation drills
Author:kootsj K
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1) FC passing, when O1 is on the 3pt line =X1 close out ( 1 hand up), O1 attacks hand/foot by 1 or 2 dribbles to the basket. 2) 1 on 1 FC from outlet pass 3) O1 shoots and runs opposite midline cone back in defense, X1 takes rebound and dribbles around other cone = 1 on 1 (NO MIDDLE DRIVE) 4) O1 rolls between X1 legs (machine gun) pick up ball and go for layup, X1 tries to stop him. After layup = O1 sprint to the wing, X1 rebound and pass to coach and plays defense on O1, coach passes to O1 = 1 on 1 5) O1 dribbles around the 2 cones and attacks the basket, X1sprint to O1's corner, touch sideline and comes back in defense to play 1 on 1 6) O1 and X1 sprints around cone and play 1 on 1, player that has the rebound is offense to other basket ( 2 times 1 on 1, HC & FC) 7) coach chooses a player to pass (O2), O2 pass back to coach and sprint out to wing, O1 reacts and play defense on O2 8) O1 pass to coach, coach O2, O1 close out with 1 hand up, O2 attacks front hand/foot with 1 or 2 dribbles. 9) coach rolls the ball, 1 and 2 fights for the ball = 1 on 1 (after rebound play 1 on 1 FC) 10) O1 runs towards baseline and then to midpost, X1 runs to baseline and play defense. !!! ifo defense O1 backdoor or to wing!!! simulates V-cut 11) O1 and X1 runs to there corner on coach signal, O1 receive ball = 1 on 1 12) O1 and X1 starts on FT line face to the basket, on coach signal sprint and touch backboard. Player who touches first receives ball inside = 1 on 1
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