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DRILL "3-2 Half Court"
Title:3-2 Half Court
Author:FE Administrator
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O1 begins the drill at the top of the key. O2 & O3 start around the free throw line extended. X1 & X2 are in defensive postions in the key. O1 passes to either side. As the defence drops off, O1 goes to the ballside elbow. O2 gives a return pass to O1 and goes to the right side block. O1 gives a quick pass to the helpside to O3, who should be moving toward the left block. O1 remains at the elbow area but covers his pass (moves toward the side he passes to). If O3 does not have a layup, he looks to the helpside for O2. There should be a shot after three or four passes. After the shot, the three players rotate lines. O1 moves to O3's line, O2 moves to O1's line, and O3 moves to O2's line. Defence stays until they work against three groups.
Goals / purpose / skills
Stress good passing techniques. There should be constant movement. Players should move to a new area after making a pass so that they may create passing lanes.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players should always look to the helpside on offence if they have no shot. Power layup moves should be used once the offensive player receives a pass in a position close to the basket. The tandem defence must be aggressive and the players must hustle at all times as they try to prevent any easy shot or a rebound after a miss.
Players / Coaches
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