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DRILL "Defending the Basket Cut 4-4"
Title:Defending the Basket Cut 4-4
Author:FE Administrator
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Picture 1: O1 starts by passing to O3, and making a basket cut, continuing through to to the helpside wing. X1 denys the pass back by fronting throughout, and then when O1 is in the helpside wing seeing both his man and the ball, having one foot on the middle of the court.
Picture 2: O2 replaces O1, O4 replaces O2. Defenders adjust position.
Picture 3: The ball is reversed through O2 & O4 to O1. Defenders adjust.
Picture 4: After passing to O1, O4 makes the same basket cut O1 did earlier. X4 defends the same way. O2 replaces O4, O3 replaces O2, the ball is reversed again and the drill continues.
Goals / purpose / skills
Used to teach defensive position, and defending the basket cut. Defense does not attempt to steal the ball, offensive players should not break from the pattern.
Make the drill live after two cuts, so anything the defense allows the offense can take advantage of. When the ball is reversed have the helpside offensive players exchange with each other, forcing their defenders to pay attention to the ball and the helpside.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
If the defenders matchup has the ball, play straight up defense.
If the defenders matchup is one pass away, play up the line and on the line, with a hand in the passing lane, hips facing their matchup.
If the defenders matchup is two or more passes away, have one foot on the middle of the court (point halfway between the sidelines) and ensure they can see both their matchup and the ball always.
Players / Coaches
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