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DRILL "3 Man Cut Half Court"
Title:3 Man Cut Half Court
Author:FE Administrator
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Start with Oi in the corner, O2 at the free throw line extended and O3 at the opposite free throw line extended. O1 passes to O2 who passes right back and goes to set a screen for O3 at the top of the key. While the passing is going on, O3 is bringing his man below the line of the screen (top of key) and running a shoulder to shoulder curl off the screen from O2 to the basket where O1 will pass him the ball for a layup. O2 will open to the ball after setting the screen and go get the rebound. O1 goes to O2's line, O2 goes to O3's line, and O3 goes to O1's line.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill deals with teaching players how to set a screen, have a person cut off the screen, and passing the ball to the shooter. Work on having a player curl off a screen, cut back door, and hitting the screener when he rolls. Passing, screening, cutting off screens, shooting.
This can be run with O3 cutting back door off the screen, O2 opening up to the ball and receiving it for a shot or a dump down to O3. You can use bounce, chest, or hook passes to work on passing.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Make sure legal screens are being set and that the screener opens to the ball. Stress the importance of good passing so that the shooter will be able to catch and shoot right away.
Players / Coaches
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