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DRILL "Combinated Warm up"
Title:Combinated Warm up
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Player moves from cone to cone using different dribble elements(straight line dribble,in and out, crossover,between the legs, behind the back,spin) On half court line player gives pass to coach and moves from cone to baseline cone with specific (dynamic stretching) warm-up exercise (in defense slides etc.) after that he speeds up, makes move at the cone, get pass back from the coach and finishes at the basket with either 1,2 steps, power lay-up, floater, jump shot.

Goals / purpose / skills
Warm up.
Develop ball handling skills and body for necessary different type of basketball moves.
After speed up coach gives different kind of passes - classic, bounce pass, hand off etc.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Start with low intensive to warm up and with each lap increase the speed and difficulty of exercise.
The same work in the opposite side of court.
Finish exercise with moving stretch.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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