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DRILL "Full Court Enforced Zig Zag Drill"
Title:Full Court Enforced Zig Zag Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Dribbling - One Ball Change of Direction Dribbling Fundamentals
Start with a line at one end of the floor. The first player in line becomes the defender. The next person in line attempts to dribble the entire length of the floor in a straight line, without having to crossover or change direction. The defender, by using correct footwork, must try to "turn" the defender as many times as he can. Force the offensive player to change direction or crossover dribble. Once they reach the opposite end, the pair moves over to the opposite side of the floor and the original defender now becomes the dribbler and vice-versa for the trip back up the floor. Meanwhile, the next pair can start up the opposite side of the floor. Players must stay on their half of the floor.
Goals / purpose / skills
This is a good full court conditioning drill, while working on defensive footwork.
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