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DRILL "Chasing the weave"
Title:Chasing the weave
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This is primary a warm up drill, that teaches transition.

Graphic 1:

X1 has a ball underneath the basket, and three offensive players line up at the foul line. On the coaches whistle X1 passes the ball to O1, who starts a passing weave with O2 and O3. X1 then chases the weave and tries to challenge the shot/layup attempted by O1.

Graphic 2:

after the shot X1 rebounds the ball or takes the make out of bounds, and passes to O1. O1 again starts the passing weave with O2 and O3, who allready lined up on the foul line again. X1 chases and tries to challenge the shot.
Goals / purpose / skills
shooting/layups under pressure
On the way back have two extra defenders play O1, O2 and O3, 3on2 plus 1
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
stress proper passing and strong finishing at the basket.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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