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DRILL "2 Man Ball Chase"
Title:2 Man Ball Chase
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2 players stand under the basket, facing upcourt, with a coach between them. The coach tosses the ball downcourt and the players sprint to get the ball. The winner dribbles to the opposite basket for a layup, while the loser tries to defend him.
Goals / purpose / skills
1) Learn to aggressively go after the ball in open-court situations.
2) Learn to perform full-court layups with defensive pressure.
3) Learn to defend a break-away dribbler.
1) 2 players and no coach line up perpendicular to the baseline. The back player tosses the ball over the head of the front player who sprints for it and attempts the fullcourt layup, with the back player trying to catch and stop him.
2) Original setup (2 players and 1 coach), but players begin lying down on their stomach or on their back at the baseline.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Emphasise aggressive behaviour, but make sure the players do not kill each other! Make sure that the players are not too far from each other in the beginning, thus reducing the chances of head-on collisions as they converge on the ball.
Players / Coaches
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