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DRILL "Miller Break / 4 Pass Break"
Title:Miller Break / 4 Pass Break
Author:FE Administrator
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Players line up under the basket in groups of 3, the middle man has the ball.
Picture 1: O1 starts the drill by passing it to his right to O2.
O2 passes the ball back to O1 in the middle lane.
O1 passes the ball to O3.
O3 gives the crosscourt pass to O2, who makes the layup.

Picture 2: O1 gets the rebound and O2 and O3 switch lanes and continue to the opposite end of the court.
O4 gets the rebound / made basket and continues the drill with O5 and O6.

Drill is run for 4 minutes. If the ball hits the ground, start again for another 4 minutes.
Goals / purpose / skills
- crisp passing
- court space in 3-man break
- conditioning / concentration
- make a certain number of baskets during the 4 minutes, for instance 40
- go 2 or 3 times with the same group of 3 players up and down the court
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- crisp passing
- inbounding the ball quickly after a made layup
- keeping the lanes (you can use cones in the beginning to teach proper court space)
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