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DRILL "Guard Improvement With Three Lines"
Title:Guard Improvement With Three Lines
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The drills starts with the players standing in three lines like shown in Graphic 1.
O1 passes the ball to O3 and does a counter movement to the weakside and cuts right back to get the ball back from O3 and finishes a lay up without dribbling. O3 then does a L-cut to the top of the key just outside the 3-point line. O3 takes the shot and gets his own rebound. In the meantime O1 is waiting under the basket with his ball. O2 moves down to the corner and gets a pass from O1. O1 follows his pass and does a close out on O2, who reacts and finishes.
O1 becomes O3; O2 becomes O1 and O3 becomes O2.
Goals / purpose / skills
Improvement of various guard skills: e.g. give and go, shooting, reacting to close outs, passing, movement without the ball etc.
- vary the shot by O2 (lay up, power move, reverse lay up, 3-pointer, one dribbling and shot etc.)
- vary the close out (close middle, baseline, deny/allow the shot)
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- high intensity
- don´t "cheat" on the cuts
- vary the exercise
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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