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DRILL "5on0 build up"
Title:5on0 build up
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The build up is a transition drill.

It combines 5-0, 3-2, 2-1;

Graphic 1:

All five players start on the baseline, the move in a weave pattern while passing the ball to the next player.

the first player able to score a layup without a dribbling will shoot the ball.

Graphic 2:

the last two players to touch the ball (the shooter and the last passer) become defenders the other three players offence. The player next to the ball takes it out and inbounds it. they now play 3 on 2 towards the other end.

Graphic 3: the shooter becomes defence the other two offencive players go off. The two defenders become offence. Again the player next to the ball takes it out and inbounds it.
They now play 2 on 1 towards the other basket.

the drill ends with 2 on 1. But you can let the 2 uninvolved players play 1on1 on the empty basket.
Goals / purpose / skills
Practise transition from offense to defence.
Let the middle man become defence on the 3 on 2.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
place obstacles on the court to make it harder for the players to find their lanes.
Have two units starts at once from two different baskets.
Players / Coaches
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