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DRILL "Star Sailor (fundamental , fun , team integrity ) by Cucelyum"
Title:Star Sailor (fundamental , fun , team integrity ) by Cucelyum
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Equal groups of players at all four corners of the half court ,the first ones have the ball , faced towards the middle of the half court. With the whistle they start dribbling to the middle of the court , then perform a direction changing move then pass the ball to the first of the row.
(reverse , crossover , back , between legs , etc... )

For kids , make them wait in front of the cones while dribbling , then let them to perform the move , not to sacrifise the techniqe .
Goals / purpose / skills
Improving team harmony and fundamental skills
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Tell all players who will perform to start at the same time
Dont forget perform with both hands
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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