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DRILL "1-1 Close Out w/ Decisions"
Title:1-1 Close Out w/ Decisions
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Player O1 starts with his feet behind the three point line at the top of the key. X1 starts with the ball behind the baseline. X1 passes to O1, and follows the pass. As player O1 catches the ball he has 3 choices:
1. Shoot the 3 point shot (made shot = 3 points).
2. Take a maximum of 1 dribble and shoot the 2 point shot (made = 2 points).
3. Take a maximum of 1 dribble and shoot a layup (made = 1 point). If O1 makes it the drill starts over, with a new person on defence. If O1 does not score, whoever gets the rebound will get a chance from behind the three point line. Play games until 1 player reaches for example 10 points.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill teaches the offensive player to make the right decision in a 1v1 situation as well as teaching strong moves to the basket.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
To get a more realistic passing angle for the shot, you could have a third player passing from the forward position, instead of the defensive player passing from the baseline. If the offensive player recieves a bad pass, he always has the right to throw it back and reset.
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