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DRILL "Post Shape Up"
Title:Post Shape Up
Author:FE Administrator
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The post player begins on the left side of the basket. The coach is at the opposite wing. The player with the ball in his hands jumps 3 consecutive times and tries to touch the ball against the backboard. The player then passes to the coach, runs up to touch the free throw line, and dives to the right low block. The player then posts up, receives a pass and takes a shot. If the player misses the shot, they grab the rebound and keep shooting until the ball goes in the basket. As soon as the player shoots their first attempt, the next player should start jumping with their ball.
Goals / purpose / skills
This is an excellent drill to teach post players how to shape up in the low post, and how to effectively rebound and go back up strong in the key.
Make the players touch the three point line. When the player catches the ball in the low post, they can use a different post move instead of a jump shot (drop step, hook shot, fake a shot then shoot etc.)
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The players may get mixed up with each other but this is a part of the drill. Going up strong means being able to score in traffic so this will help relieve some of the fear that younger players may have when catching the ball that close to the basket.
Players / Coaches
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