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DRILL "Children 3-2 Half Court Pre Game Warm Up Drill"
Title:Children 3-2 Half Court Pre Game Warm Up Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Five children line up, spread out on the baseline. O1 starts with the ball under the basket, X4 and X5 are either side of the basketball lined up just outside of the key, and O2 and O3 line up out wide by the three point line. When the coach yells go, all five children sprint to half court, O1 dribbles the ball. Reaching half court all the children race back to the basket. O1, O2 & O3 are on offence and X4 & X5 play defence.
Goals / purpose / skills
Defence, offence, all around game. Excellent pre game drill to get children warmed up in all phases of the game.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
As soon as the first group scores or is stopped, the next five go. If you have less than ten kids, one or more of the first group will have to fill the gaps in the second group. Everyone goes through all the positions.
Players / Coaches
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