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DRILL "1-1 Loose Ball Drill"
Title:1-1 Loose Ball Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Two lines of players are positioned an equal distance from the centre of the key. The coach takes a position behind the basket with the ball. He begins the drill by rolling the ball towards the half court line. On a signal from the coach, the first player in each line runs towards the loose ball. The first player who touches the ball becomes the offensive player, and plays 1v1 against the other player. If the offensive player scores, he will get one point. On a miss, the two players will go on until one of them makes a basket. There is no out of bounds. The defender always has to pressure the ball. He cannot wait under the basket. Small fouls will not be called by the coach. After one player has scored, they will both stand back in line and the next two players go. The drill will last to 7 points. The losing players run penalties.
Goals / purpose / skills
The aim is to improve 1v1 skills and stamina at the same time.
You can play this by time or by points. Make the drill full court. You may also number baskets and get players reacting to a number call.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The coach should emphasise that the players run with full speed to the loose ball and that the players play aggressive in the 1v1 both offensively and defensively.
Players / Coaches
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