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DRILL "Trials; Inside Finishing"
Title:Trials; Inside Finishing
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Station Description - Interior Finishing

1. Split the group evenly on either side of the basket. The person at the front of each que will be without a ball everyone else will have one.
2. The first player in each que will alternately make a cut down towards the double block/spots and receive the ball from the next person in the que.
3. The player will receive the ball with their back to the basket and perform a drop step towards the baseline and finish.
4. Once you have finished you will get your own rebound and take the ball with you to the opposite side and the next person in the que will repeat the skill.
Goals / purpose / skills
Assess footwork and finishing close to the basket.

Drop step - Foot positioning on the drop step, body position, position of the ball under the chin.
Finish - 1 dribble finish, balanced stop and finish, correct hand, body position to the basket, use of wrist and hand in the finish
1. Drop step inside finish with jump hook in the key
2. No dribble step and finish with hook
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
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