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DRILL "Dribble slide into penetration"
Title:Dribble slide into penetration
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Player starts with the ball on top of the key.
Coach stands in the no charge semi circle.
Player slides and dribbles in different variations with the left hand to one cone (always switch left and right cone) and comes back.
Player passes to coach with left hand and runs behind the other cone.
Coach passes back to the playe.
Player stops in a two contact stop and penetrates after a jab step or shot fake.
Coach irritates player by f.e. pushing the player on the lay-up.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Improvement of dribbling and passing with the left hand
- Improvement of footwork
- Improvement of finishes around the basket
10 times (5 right, 5 left) regular dribble left handed and power move finish after hop step
5 foulshots
10 times (5 right, 5 left) dribble side to side with left hand and jab step-crossstep on catch in spin move finish of both feet
5 foulshots
10 times (5 right, 5 left) dribble front to back with left hand and shot fake-crossstep on catch in euro/yugo step finish
5 foulshots
10 times (5 right, 5 left) dribble front to back in side to side and pass fake to corner into crossstep and one contact floater
5 Foulshots
10 times (5 right, 5 left) crossover dribbles in catch and shoot

Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Cones can also be placed on top and in the corner
This play is ran in game speed and with a high intensity
less corrections
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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