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DRILL "Defensive rotation 2 players drill 02"
Title:Defensive rotation 2 players drill 02
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The athletes in pairs defense - offense (in the low post & wing). The offensive player passes the ball to the wing C at the top. The defensive players adapt to the defensive in relation to the ball. The C drive to the basket from the weak side. The defensive player of the post closes the path to the basket. The defensive player of the wing mark by rotating the offensive player of the post. Then the C passes back out to the wing. The exercise is performed in two cycles and ends in condition 2vs2.
Goals / purpose / skills
defensive principles
Offense 2vs2 with such cooperation, with surprise, with special circumstances defense transition
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Principles and Technique of rotation (communication on defense, blocking line passing, details the rules of movement of defense)
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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