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DRILL "Total 1-1 Drill with Rebounding"
Title:Total 1-1 Drill with Rebounding
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Challenging 1-1 Drill where the Coach can variate the degree of difficulty very well.

Coach has the ball at Top of the key. Offensive Player tries to get open, Defender tries to deny.

Offensive player also moves to Weak side to make the defender change his position regarding where his opponent is.

Whenever the Coach passes, they play 1-1.
Whenever the Coach shoots the Defender must box out well and rebound.

Coach controls when and where he wants to pass.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fundamental offensive and defensive Skills

Defensive orientation ball-side/weak-side, boxing out and rebounding
Variation: Coach changes his position by dribbling or passing to another Coach/Player.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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