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DRILL "3 Man Pass, Follow, Dribble Replace"
Title:3 Man Pass, Follow, Dribble Replace
Author:FE Administrator
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Three players in a line are spread out. The ends of the line have a ball each, the middle guy faces one of the end people. O1 passes to O2 and runs to where O2 was. When O2 gets the ball he dribbles to where O1 was. As soon as O1 gets to the middle O3 passes the ball to him. Continue this pattern.
Goals / purpose / skills
Correct technique for passing, dribbling, running. Watch out for travelling.
Try not to have the player running to the middle stall for too long in the middle.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Make it competitive. See which group of three can make the most revolutions in a certain amount of time.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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