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DRILL "Kercso's Jab Step Series Competitive Drill"
Title:Kercso's Jab Step Series Competitive Drill
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There are two teams, one at each basket. From each team one player stands at the top of the key. The rest of the group stand at the baseline, the first two players have a ball. O1 passes the ball to O5, goes around the cone and receives the ball in the triple threat position. He jab steps and drives to the basket. After the shot he goes to the top of the key, O5 gets the rebound, passes the ball to O3 and goes to the end of the line. We can make this drill continous by using the jab step and drive, the jab step and crossover, shooting a layup or a jump shot etc. Each team must take the same shot and make the same jab step.
Goals / purpose / skills
Jab step series.
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