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DRILL "3-0, 3-0 Long Pass Fast Break Drill"
Title:3-0, 3-0 Long Pass Fast Break Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Related Fundamentals
Passing - Transition Passes
The drill starts with three players running in a straight line fast break. The ball is passed between the three players, who maintain their lanes. O1 passes the ball to one side for a layup. After the layup the O1 rebounds the ball and the other wing runs for a fast break. O1 inbounds the ball to in this case O2, who throws a long pass to O3 for a layup.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fundamentals and techniques for executing the three player fast break. To practice a long pass in the fast break.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
During the drill the ball is not allowed to touch the floor.
Players / Coaches
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