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DRILL "Full Court Attack 1-1"
Title:Full Court Attack 1-1
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This drill works on pushing the ball up the court and creating a one on one situation.

• Players line up on the baseline. Players in the line nearest the sideline need a ball. Place four chairs on the court as shown in the diagram.
• The first player in line dribbles the ball outside around the inside chair and then outside the second chair and goes for the layup. Defender weaves outside the opposite chairs.
• The players then go to the end of the line, switching from offense to defense each time
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
• Make sure the ball handler is pushing the ball out in front of their body. Some ball
handlers develop a tendency to dribble along the side of their body instead of pushing the ball ahead and sprinting after it. To beat someone down the floor, you’re going to need to push the ball.
• Your only focus should be on making the layup. Don’t worry about the defender, go through him to the basket as if he wasn’t even there. Take the ball strong to the rim
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