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DRILL "5-1(+4) Disrupt the Break"
Title:5-1(+4) Disrupt the Break
Author:FE Administrator
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9 players setup along the baseline, 5 on offence, 4 on defence. O1 has a ball. X1, the point guard of the defensive team starts at the half court line. When the coach blows his whistle, all nine players sprint to the opposite basket with the ball as if on a fast break. The defence must try to stop the offence from scoring. X1 attacks the ball causing O1 to go sideways or retreat. If the offence score they retain the ball and the drill starts from the opposite end. Else the teams swap round.
Goals / purpose / skills
Emphasise that X1 causes the ball to go sideways in order to allow his teammates time to get back. Emphasise not trying to pickup players in transition.
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Transition defence and offence.
Players / Coaches
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