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DRILL "Who's Afraid of...? Children Dribbling Drill"
Title:Who's Afraid of...? Children Dribbling Drill
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One player stands in the centre of the court with a ball. He calls out "Who's afraid of...<insert name>" (here you can use whatever name you like). Every other player has their own ball and tries to reach the opposite side of the court without getting "caught" by the player in the centre. Everyone who gets caught by a tap on his back joins the player in the centre on the next run.
Goals / purpose / skills
A fun drill that makes everybody dribble under stress. Involves everyone in the group. To dribble with your head up and change direction fast.
If you do not have balls for everyone, let them play 2-2 with one ball. One player has to dribble and they keep together by holding hands.
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