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DRILL "Cross Court Warm-Up"
Title:Cross Court Warm-Up
Graphic N°: 1
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Graphic N°: 2
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Player 1 stands at the corner baseline/zone;
Player 2 stands height of the extended freethrow-line; Player 3 at midcourt; Player 4 at the oposite extended freethrow-line; Players 2,3,4 also stand close to the sideline;
After having passed the ball, every player moves according to Graphic N°1
After the layup the drill is repeated up the court as in Graphic N°2
After his layup P1 queues up at the first passing at P2 initial spot; P2 at P3's, P3 at P4's; P4 makes the rebound & and moves to P1 initial spot;
additional players simply queue up at the 4 positions; drill can be executed with 2 balls at the sime time;
Goals / purpose / skills
Warm-Up; Enhance communication, passing skills, layup
Finish with jump stop and jumpshot, Powermove etc.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Every Player has to shout "ball"/"pass" if he wants to receive a pass;
Every Player has to shout the name of the player he is passing to;
Players / Coaches
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