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DRILL "Dodgeball"
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2 teams are competing against each other. Each team has 1 special player (“King”) with 3 lives. All players of one team, except the “King” are in one half court, the king stands behind the baseline. Each team now tries to throw out all the opponent team’s players in the half court. If a player from the thrown at team catches the ball the possession changes.

The team can pass the ball to the “king” anytime and he can also throw out players. Once a player is thrown out the players line up behind and around the opposing half court together with their “king”.

If all players are out the “king” has to go into the half court. He looses one of his lives for every time he gets hit by the ball. If a player form the outside throws out a player from the opposing team he can go back into his half court. The team that first has thrown out all players and the “king” wins.

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1) Outside Players can only throw from behind the baseline.
2) If a player throws the ball at his opponent and the opponent catches the ball, he must go on the other side
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