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DRILL ""3 on 0 fastbreak drill" by Carlo Recalcati"
Title:"3 on 0 fastbreak drill" by Carlo Recalcati
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Three rows are formed at the baseline and the player in the middle row has the basketball. Two coaches position themselfes just outside the three point line, one on each side. 1 throws the ball against the backboard and then passes to 2. 3 runs on the left lane and then recieves the ball from 2 for a lay up. 1 runs in the central lane, takes the rebound, and passes to 3, who sets up ina proper outlet position outside the zone. 2 runs around the coaches and recieves a pass from 3 to finish with a lay up. 4 takes the rebound, passes to 5 and the drill continues.
Goals / purpose / skills
passing and catching under fatigue.
The drill can be finished by 3 , throwing the ball against the backboard for a tap in by 1.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
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