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DRILL "timing shooting & outlet"
Title:timing shooting & outlet
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This drill teaches shooting coming off a screen, and timing a cut.

Graphic 1:

Initial set up, O1 with a ball is at the top of the key, O2 and O3 set up on the wings, place to cones a little outside of the foulline.

Graphic 2:

O1 passes to O2 who attempts a shot. O3 rebounds the basketball, after the shot O2 cuts to a outlet position and calls for the ball. O3 outlets the ball to O2.

Graphic 3:

O2 passes the ball to O1, who makes a good pass to O3, coming off the imaginary screen (cone), for a shot. O2 rebounds the ball.

Graphic 4:
After the shot O3 cuts to a outlet position and calls for the ball. O2 outlets the ball to O3, who passes to O1. O1 reverses the ball to O2 for a shot coming off the imaginary screen (cone).

continoue until one player has scored a number of shots (e.g. 5 makes)
rotate players clockwise
Goals / purpose / skills
practise shooting off a screen, practise timing on cuts and practise acurate passing.
Vary the positions of the cones.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
give the loosing player a penalty (sit ups etc.) that will increase the intensity of the drill.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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