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DRILL "2 Line Passing"
Title:2 Line Passing
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Players in pairs, 1 ball between 2

Teach fundamentals of passing for 4 types of pass

1. Chest pass
2. Bounce Pass
3. Over-head pass
4. Baseball pass

1. Chest Pass
- Fingers up, elbows down (not out)
- Step into pass
- Bend knees
- Flick wrists
- Palsm out, thumbs down
- Make target in front of chest

2. Bounce Pass
- as chest pass, with
- bounce at 3/4 distance
- bounce up to waist

3. Over-head Pass
- Over, not behind, head
- Pull arms down towards taget
- don't 'loop' pass
- Throw high, catch high

4. Baseball Pass
- Step with opposite foot
- 2 hands on ball until last second
- Point with opposite hand
- Throw from shoulder
- Follow through with throwing hand towards target
Goals / purpose / skills
Introduce the basics of the pass and how to receive
- Two ball passing. Two balls per group.
- One player bounce pass, one player chest.
- One handed pass. Both start with the right hand, or with the left hand.
- Straight one handed pass. one time left one time right
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- correct technique
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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