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DRILL "USA U17 Head Coach Don Showalter - Warm up/Pre Practice - Texas Series"
Title:USA U17 Head Coach Don Showalter - Warm up/Pre Practice - Texas Series
Author:Lee Davie
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Drill 1,

Speed dribble, finish. Make 50 in a minute
Next person goes when the previous person hits the first ft line.

Drill 2,

Player one takes 1 or 2 dribbles sending the ball down the sideline, after the pass player one sprints the floor for the catch the return pass for the 3 pt shot.
Pass rebounds and joins the next line.

15 makes in 1minute

Drill 3,

3 man break outlet and weave behind, man ahead pass is made.
1 lay up and 2 jumpers

22 minutes in 1 minute.

Drill 4,

3 lines, middle man makes 3passes with one wing, the 4th pass is made to the weakside runner for the lay up.

Middle man becomes the next outlet and the weakside runner rebounds and inbounds to the new outlet for the baseball pass back down the floor.

"Perfect Lay Up" No Ring = 2pts
Ring = 1pt

22pts in a minute
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