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DRILL "Ghiguta's 5 Man 3 Ball Half Court Shooting Drill"
Title:Ghiguta's 5 Man 3 Ball Half Court Shooting Drill
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O1, O2 and O3 have a ball each. O1 starts the drill by shooting the ball, rebounding it and making a pass to O4 or O5. O2 and O3 also shoot the ball just after O1. All players rebound their own shots and make a pass to the open players outside the key who are ready to catch and shoot.
Goals / purpose / skills There are no data
Play to a time limit or target score either individually or as a group.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players have to really get after their shots as the drill becomes very quick. Make good, strong direct passes. Shooters need to be down ready to catch the ball and shoot. Shooters must call the name out of the rebounder so that organisation is maintained.
Players / Coaches
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