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DRILL "1-1 Deny Defence drill"
Title:1-1 Deny Defence drill
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X1 passes the ball to O2 and gets in weakside position. As soon as O2 passes ball to coach. X1 denys O1. O1 tries to get open. If he gets the ball they play 1-1.

X1 gets the ball and passes it to the opposite side. Same drill on the other side.

Repetition: 3-5 times
Goals / purpose / skills
- Deny
- Stay weakside
- 1-1 defense
- Defense conditioning
O2 can go to the basket if X1 is to far on weakside. O2 can only beat X1 over the baseline (Live there would be a defender on O2). If X1 stops O2 at the zone, O2 passes to coach and X1 sprints to O1 for deny/1-1 defense
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Players / Coaches
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