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DRILL "3-3-3"
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Picture 1: O1, O2 & O3 are one team. They play 3v3 against X1, X2 & X3 until a score / rebound / steal.
Picture 2: On a score O1, O2 & O3 keep the ball and attack the oppsote basket. X1, X2 & X3 play defense up until the half court line (man or zone). On a miss / steal X1, X2 & X3 attack the opposite basket with O1, O2 & O3 playing defense up until the half court line.
Picture 3: In this diagram X7, X8 and X9 (third and final team) play defense against O1, O2 & O3. The same ocurrs at this basket, so on a score O1, O2 & O3 keep the ball. On a miss / steal X7, X8 & X9 take the ball at the opposite basket.
Picture 4: In this diagram X8 has stolen the ball from O3. X7, X8 & X9 now attack the opposite basket whilst O1, O2 & O3 try and stop them before the half court line.
Goals / purpose / skills
Full court drill that can be used to work on transition situations as well as rebounding and full court pressure defense. Points can be awarded for baskets, steals, deflections, rebounds, 8 second calls etc. Work on Transition, Rebounding & Full Court Press Defense.
Can be run 4-4-4 or 5-5-5 if required.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Keep the intensity level high - play until one team has reached a set number of points. Be creative.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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