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DRILL "Kickz Pressure Defence - 4-4 PG cuts through"
Title:Kickz Pressure Defence - 4-4 PG cuts through
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Defensive drill to practise rotations.

O1 dribbles the ball up and passes to O2. Once a ballside is created by forcing O1 to the side, O3 sinks to the help position and O4 gets on the line between his man and the ball.

O2 is forced to the corner, O4 gets in full front position and O3 sinks to the basket basket line.
O1 cuts through and X1 has to deny him the ball and stay in a helpside position once O1 reaches the weakside.
Goals / purpose / skills
Develop a proper rotation and comunication defensivly
Have O1 screen for O3.
Continoue the drill with a ballreversal.
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Players / Coaches
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