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DRILL "1-1 Back-to-Back Post Play"
Title:1-1 Back-to-Back Post Play
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Power Moves
Two post players line up back-to-back at the front of the rim. Each player is facing a sideline. The three passers set up at the free throw line extended, the top of the key, and the other free throw line extended. The coach has the ball on the baseline. When the coach passes the ball to one of the wings, the post on that side becomes the defender (X1 in this case). The other post is on offence (O1 in this case). The offensive post player cannot receive a pass until he or she calls "ball". The post player may also direct the movement of the ball by pointing at a perimeter passer who does not have the ball and calling "pass". The offensive post attempts to seal the post defender in a position where he is best able to receive a pass. The posts play 1v1 in the paint until the offence scores or the defence rebounds or steals the ball. The offensive post may pass the ball back out to a perimeter player and re-post.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill teaches offensive post players how to use a defenders position effectively. Pinning a defender, directing the movement of the ball, post moves.
If you have enough players, you can add defenders to the perimeter passers to make the post entry pass more difficult.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Make the post defender expend more energy than you do on offence. Let the defender choose how to defend (front, 3/4 front, half front, or play behind) and then pin. Allow the ball to come to the offensive post in their optimum position.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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