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DRILL "Jeffreys Weave and Dribble"
Title:Jeffreys Weave and Dribble
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Players line up in two lines behind the baseline. In front of each line is one chair with a ball on top and two cones. At the coaches signal the first player in each line weaves forward around the chair and each cone, then backwards around the cones and chair and picks up the ball from the chair and dribbles to the other end. Then go for a layup until one scores. The one scoring first then goes to the free throw line and waits while dribbling until the other scores. The one scoring first then calls down 3-2-1 signaling a sprint dribble with layup to the other end.
Goals / purpose / skills
- Ballhandling /Dribbling
- Agility / Coordination
-Shooting / Layups
Finish in different ways than with a lay-up.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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