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DRILL "Four corner shooting"
Title:Four corner shooting
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Diagram 1: Player 1 passes to player 3 and player 1 moves down toward the baseline and then out to receive the pass from player 3. After player 3 passes to player 1, he retrieves the made or missed shot then passes to the next player in line #1. (Players cannot shoot until they have established a pivot foot and squared the basket.) To avoid two players shooting at the same time, rotate shooting from lines #1 and #2.

Diagram 2: This diagram shows the rotation of players clockwise, after each player completes his assignment.
Goals / purpose / skills
To establish good habits in offensive movement and shooting.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This is a very important drill in developing the "complete player." The skills to be stressed include: balance, concentration, wrist and elbow positioning, and the follow-through. These skills must be performed automatically by the player in order to complete the task of shooting on the move. The players are instructed to go straight up (balance), square to the basket, eye the target (concentration), establish a pivot foot, and learn how to set a defensive man up in order to get open for a shot. Combining these skills to perform the task of shooting on the move will increase the player's shooting percentage and confidence.
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