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DRILL "Jump Shot and Outlet Pass"
Title:Jump Shot and Outlet Pass
Author:FE Administrator
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O1 dribbles hard toward to the right elbow, and X1 closes out to stop his penetration. O1 shoots a jump shot and prepares to rebound his own shot. X1 blocks out O1 and then moves quickly to the oulet area at the opposite wing. X2 rebounds the miss or inbounds the made shot and makes a quick outlet pass to X1. X1 pivots and passes to the next player in the offensive line, who continues the drill. X2 stays in the rebounding position for a designated number of shots. O1 goes to the defensive line and X1 goes to the offensive line.
Goals / purpose / skills
1. Proper balance and form when shooting a jump shot off the dribble.
2. Quick recations by X2 to snag the rebound and make an outlet pass.
3. Quick reaction by the defender to go to the outlet area.
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