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DRILL "3 Man Passing Transition Drill"
Title:3 Man Passing Transition Drill
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Three players start at the baseline. O3 sprints along the sideline cutting to the basket at the free throw line extended. O1 and O2 pass the ball back and forth four times. The fifth pass goes to O3 cutting to the basket. O1 goes to the outlet spot. O2 gets the rebound and inbounds(!) the ball. O3 cuts through sprinting the other sideline again for the long pass and the layup.
Goals / purpose / skills
Passing and catching in transition. Layups at full speed. Filling the lanes in transition.
Reduce the number of passes. Vary the passes.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Hard passes. Players going at full speed. Make sure the ball is inbounded after the made basket. Give a time limit for more competition and intensity.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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