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DRILL "USA U17 Head Coach Don Showalter - Warm up/Pre Practice"
Title:USA U17 Head Coach Don Showalter - Warm up/Pre Practice
Author:Lee Davie
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Drill 1,

Defensive Footwork and Communication
Sprint Close Out to the elbow and power step across to the opposite elbow, drop step through the lane, and power step across the baseline to the opposite line.

Drill 2,

Zig Zag Cont
Defence must contain and pressure the ball, turnig the ball 3 teams in the half.
Offence jump stops, pivots, sending the ball back to the baseline, closing out to the new offensive player.

Drill 3,

1v2 Cont Defensive Containment, Pressuring, and Sprint Recovering
Offence attacks the sideline, the defence must contain and pressure the ball.
When the defence cuts off the offence, the offence reverses the ball to there team mate on the split line. The defence must sprint recover contain and pressure the ball.

Drill 4,

2v2 Trapping, Rotating out of the trap.
Offence attacks the sideline, defence must contain and pressure the ball while their team mate closing in to the trap.
The offence then picks the ball up reverse to their team mateon the split line, the defence then sprint recover to re trap again.

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