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DRILL "Two Ball Dribbling Team Competition"
Title:Two Ball Dribbling Team Competition
Author:FE Administrator
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Dribbling - Two Ball Fundamental
The team is split up into two groups of the same size, with half of each group positioned behind each baseline.On coach's signal,the first player from each team dribbles two basketballs as fast as possible down the court to the opposite baseline. There he hands over the two balls to his teammate, who takes the balls and dribbles to the other baseline. This will continue until all players of each group got through.
Goals / purpose / skills
To develop all aspects of ball handling skills
- weak hand dribbling
- coordination
- vision
This drill can be executed by all players at the same speed or at each players maximum speed (competition).
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Make sure eyes are up and not looking at the ball. Do not worry about speed at first, get the technique and rhythm first and speed will come along as you practice.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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